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Multiple people catch possible meteor fly by in Phoenix on video

Posted at 9:44 PM, Nov 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-15 20:18:17-05

Reports streamed in Tuesday night as multiple people, and even the official City of Phoenix Twitter page, shared videos of what appears to be a meteor flashing across the night sky in Phoenix. 

 While it has yet to be properly identified, all signs point to a meteor. 

Dr. Laurence Garvie, the curator for the Center for Meteorite Studies at Arizona State University, said he estimates the meteor was roughly five-feet in diameter.

"It's very exciting," Garvie said. "We hope it's something rare and unusual."

He explained that it's possible that the meteor produced meteorites when it hit and the ground.

"If we look at the earth as a whole, we have problem 10 to 15 meteorite falls per day," Garvie explained. "Most of those fall into the ocean but a large portion of those are going to fall in uninhabited regions that nobody finds."

Garvie said that if Tuesday night's event produced any meteorites they most likely hit the ground near Payson.