Mesa nonprofit needs community's help after fire sparks, destroys donation items

Posted at 5:52 PM, Dec 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-21 16:45:49-05

A Mesa nonprofit, that helps veterans and families in need, is now asking for the community's help after a fire sparked last week due to welding equipment. 

The fire burned about 40 beds to a crisp. But Jim Piscopo, executive director at the Bridging AZ Furniture Bank, knows it could've been worse. 

"So fortunate that it didn't get to our warehouse. I mean, we would've been out of business,” Piscopo said.

They're in the business of helping others, serving about 60,000 since they began.

"We thought we were going to make an impact 12 years ago, and it seems that the line just gets longer every year,” Piscopo said.

They furnish about 10 apartments a week.

Tuesday, they were replenishing their stock by replacing the beds that were burned in the fire — because even with this setback, the need doesn't stop.

"We're still serving clients every day. Beds cost us $100 each, and it wasn't on the budget, so we just put in on the Visa,” Piscopo said.

Now they're looking to the community to help replace what was lost. They're in great need for new or gently used mattresses and bed frames.

What they're delivering is more than just furniture.

"You're finally off the street, you walk into an apartment, you've got four walls. You've got no reason to stay except it's a roof over your head. At least we help them turn their house into a home,” Piscopo said.

To donate, find more information here.