Man surprised by DPS response after calling 911 about shattered window

Posted at 5:37 PM, Sep 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-29 01:55:27-04

It was a scary moment for a Colorado man driving along Interstate 10 in Phoenix. 

Scott Graff said he was driving in the eastbound lane along I-10 near 42nd Avenue on Tuesday afternoon, when he heard a loud sound and his car window shattered to pieces.

Covered in glass, he pulled over to the side of the road and got off on 42nd Avenue. Since Graff and his passenger were both from out of town, he was not aware of recent shootings along the I-10 corridor that have left several people dead.

The tow truck driver who responded to the call informed him about the shootings. 

"I didn't relate it to that until the tow truck driver said his company had sent them a warning three weeks ago because there have been random episodes in that very area," said an unidentified woman who had been in Gaff's car. "My first reaction was a gun shot. In fact, I was talking to my boss on the phone and I said we've been shot, I gotta go."

Graff said he called 911 after hearing about the incidents.

"They transferred me to Arizona Highway Patrol who took the call and basically when I told them what happened, they told me that similar things had happened about a year ago," Graff explained. "They asked me if I was still in the car, and if there was any more information to just have national call them and do a report."

He said he was surprised in light of the shootings, that no one wanted to ask him any questions.

"This isn't a new thing," Graff said. "It should be taken care of properly, in my view."

"I thought they would have at least come and taken a report from us, instead of passing it along to someone else," his passenger said.

ABC15 News reached out to the Arizona Department of Public Safety to find out if they were investigating this incident, and what had caused the car window to shatter.

DPS told ABC15 they received the call an hour after the incident occurred and the car was already turned over to the rental company.

Whether it was debris or something worse, incidents like this one sparked fear and worry among drivers, as the I-10 shootings remain unsolved.

While it remains unsolved, DPS has not asked for the public's help to find a suspect. Instead, DPS has continued to say Leslie Merritt Jr. is the suspect.

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ABC15 News will stay on top of this story and bring you updates as soon as we get them from DPS.