Man arrested 54 previous times, Luke Bahe, faces new charges

Posted at 10:04 PM, Aug 01, 2016

A man first brought to ABC15's attention after an alleged attempted kidnapping had another run-in with Arizona law enforcement, leading to a new mugshot and new charges to go with it.

Last week ABC15 reported the story of Shari Boone, who says Luke Bahe tried to grab her 7-year-old daughter from a parking lot near 19th Avenue and Dunlap.

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At the time, ABC15 asked how a man with 54 prior arrests could be continually let out of jail. Now, with arrest number 55, Bahe faces charges of felony criminal damage and endangerment. Police say he was caught throwing rocks at cars in the parking lot of the Spectrum/Christown Mall at 15th Avenue and Bethany Home.

A driver in the parking lot told police they had to dodge a rock thrown by Bahe, and that he kicked their car before throwing rocks at another vehicle.

Bahe broke the back window of one car, causing the driver to get out and chase Bahe. According to court records, Bahe ran through the mall until he crashed into a bicyclist. He kept running, but police were able to catch up to him nearby and take him into custody.

When he appeared before a judge, he was released without bond. Under Arizona law, the maximum penalty for the criminal damage charge Bahe faces is one year in jail or 2.75 years in prison, depending on the property that was damaged. Misdemeanor endangerment carries a maximum six-month jail sentence if convicted. 

Bahe's assault case related to the incident involving Boone's daughter is still pending. His previous arrests are mostly for assault, public intoxication, and criminal property damage.