Man's online dating scam swindles women out of thousands of dollars

Posted at 3:04 PM, Jun 15, 2016

A man has been indicted after being involved in an online dating scam where women were convinced to invest thousands of dollars in fake investments. The man actually spent the cash at casinos, gentlemen's clubs and at nightclubs. 

According to the Arizona Attorney General, Daylon Pierce was indicted on Wednesday after officials discovered that from February 2015 to November 2015 the man opened several accounts on sites like, and Tinder where he began romantic relationship with several women. 

He would then convince the women, who officials said became emotionally attached to the man, to provide him with thousands of dollars for fraudulent investments. Officials say one woman invested $240,000, which included a portion of her 401(k) savings. Another woman took out more than $100,000 in loans for Pierce, who also went by the name of Daylon Jung. 

Officials say the man told the women he was a successful stock broker, however he was not a licensed stock broker. The man has been conducting similar scams using other entity names. 

The man is facing a count of fraudulent schemes and artifices and one count of illegal control of an enterprise as well as two counts of theft and two counts of transactions by unregistered dealer or salesperson. 

Anyone with information on Pierce can contact the Phoenix FBI office at (623) 466-1999.