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Local hardware stores feeling crunch amid supply chain disruptions

Posted at 7:32 AM, Oct 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-25 10:32:18-04

Local hardware stores in the Valley are saying it’s been a tough year for keeping their shelves stocked.

At Six Points Hardware in Phoenix, owner Chad Christison said lately it’s been cans of spray paint.

“We’re being told by our suppliers it’s the metal can shortage,” said Christison. “They just can’t keep up with the supply of raw materials, and then staffing issues.”

His family’s business has been around for 75 years but has never seen supply issues like this.

“I was talking to my grandmother, which is the second generation of this business, she says she’s never seen it,” said Christison.

Between the pandemic, the deep freeze in Texas, and Hurricane Ida, this year brought hurdles unlike any other to his staff, like Juliana Chavez in the paint department.

“I keep getting calls asking if we have paint in stock,” said Chavez. “A lot of these paint companies, they have the paint but they don’t have the containers.”

Major companies, like Sherwin-Williams, have seen paint shortages from the supply chain disruptions the pandemic and wild weather caused to suppliers’ plants.

The decrease in supply has also been coupled with demand skyrocketing.

“We saw an increase in homeowners that went home to start working from home and started looking around their homes and went, 'well I want to paint or do something with the landscape,'” said Christison.

Although it’s increased the time they spend on keeping shelves stocked, it’s brought business that’s keeping the family shop strong.

Experts suggest if you have a home improvement project, be flexible in the materials you’re using, as some might not be available for a while.

They also say to make sure you’re ordering supplies several weeks in advance from when you may need them.