LISTEN: Valley residents call 911 after meteor

Posted at 2:26 PM, Jun 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-15 17:37:19-04

Remember that asteroid that shook up the Valley a few weeks ago?

Police have released some of the 911 calls that came in when the huge ball of light flew across the sky.

One woman delivering papers early in the morning called in and told a dispatcher that what she saw "wasn't like a falling star" but was instead like "a big fireball".

"It was very strange," she said. She wasn't the only one who was unsure if her eyes were deceiving her!

Another caller told a dispatcher that he saw "a flare go up in the air" and wanted to make sure no one was injured. Fortunately, the dispatcher had heard of a few other calls and told him it was likely a meteor.

"Oh my God," the caller said. "I've never seen one. That was quite bright and interesting."

But quickly, hundreds more calls started coming in to 911. A dispatcher apologized for the wait time on the emergency line because so many people were reporting the light, and even explosions and shaking.

Some callers requested officers to check out their property and a firefighter called in to report what sounded like a gas main blow. The firefighter says what he heard was "much louder than fireworks" and even though they sounded far away from his location, he said they were "extremely loud".