PHX freeway suspect's criminal history revealed

Posted at 8:19 AM, Sep 25, 2015

Court documents are revealing the full narrative on the criminal history of accused I-10 shooter Leslie Merritt Jr.

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The first offense is a domestic violence case that centered on an attack on his own sister in February, 2013.

According to the police report, his sister's opinion of him might have led to their fight.

She told police she got in an argument with Merritt Jr.’s then girlfriend and then told her brother he, “Needs to stop chasing girls and take care of his son instead.”

Merritt Jr.’s other family members were there at the time and told police he then followed his sister into her room and punched her in the jaw, shoved her, destroyed furniture and then left the house.

When police found Merritt Jr., according to the report, he tells the same story and admits he has anger issues.

Merritt Jr. was arrested but the case was later dismissed.

A second case shows Merritt Jr. was arrested for assault and criminal damage after a hit-and-run crash that left two people with back pain.

The accident happened near 59th Avenue and Thomas Road in Phoenix in late 2013.

Police say Merritt Jr. rear-ended a stopped car and took off. His baby and now fiancé were also in the car at the time.

The report says the victim called 911 and followed Merritt Jr. until he pulled over where police caught up with him.

Merritt Jr. comes clean to police admitting he got distracted while driving but told the officer "I got scared because I don’t have a license," so he "tried to get away."

Police noted Merritt Jr. has never had a record of a having a driver’s license.