Merritt receives job offers since jail release

Posted at 9:13 AM, Apr 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-20 18:24:18-04

Leslie Merritt Jr. has been out of jail for less than 24 hours and is already receiving job offers.

ABC15 has learned Merritt was offered several jobs since being released from jail on Tuesday night.

Jason Lamm, Merritt’s attorney, said Merritt is very grateful for the job offers and the support he has received from the community. 

Lamm said Merritt will go over all of his job offers and pick the best one to get his life back on track to support his family.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety said ballistic evidence linked Merritt to four of the eleven freeway shootings during the summer of 2015.

Recently, the County Attorney’s Office called in secondary ballistics professionals to confirm whether Merritt's gun was in fact connected to the shootings, like DPS said in September 2015.

Those additional ballistics tests revealed the original bullet fragments could not be confirmed to be from Merritt's gun. 

Since Merritt's arrest, the Department of Public Safety has not asked for the public's help in solving the crimes, even though the other seven are unsolved.

Gov. Doug Ducey's office released the following statement about Merritt's case:

"Our concern has and always will be public safety. The community was in a constant state of fear over the I-10 shootings for three weeks, including warning signs on the freeway. The governor is glad we have now gone seven months without shootings, and he will continue to put public safety first. With respect to the ongoing case before the court - it is in the hands of the judicial branch, where it will continue to play out, and we are confident the process will be fair."

Despite the statement from Ducey's office, ABC15 has reported on several shootings on Valley freeways in the past seven months. Including a shooting on the Loop 101 in Scottsdale.