Leptospirosis: Experts call dog bacteria in Valley an 'outbreak'

Posted at 5:52 AM, Jun 12, 2017

A warning for pet owners: Leptospirosis is still making its way around the Valley with some of the highest numbers we've seen. So far about 70 cases have been confirmed in Maricopa County -- enough for officials to call it an outbreak.

Normally the bacteria is found in areas where there's a lot of rainfall. ABC15 talked with instructors at the Carrington College Veterinary Assisting program and they believe the Valley might be seeing more cases because of the type of new developments in the area. Some neighborhoods are designed with large bodies of water -- the perfect breeding ground for the bacteria.

Fortunately, veterinarians say the disease is easy to prevent.

"Ask for the vaccine," says Sandy Moore, the veterinary assisting program director. "Instead of letting it be an option, make sure you're getting it."

If your dog has this bacteria, you'll notice some digestive problems, fever, lack of energy and possibly red eyes. Learn more about Leptospirosis here.