Landscaper discovers box with ashes inside while visiting Valley landfill

Posted at 11:00 PM, Jul 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-23 12:04:14-04

A Valley man making a dump at the landfill found ashes with the name Pedro Sahagun inscribed on the ornate box. The man who discovered it is determined to get it back to friends or family of the deceased man.

"I'm sure someone's got to be wondering," said Fernando, who only wanted to give his first name because items are not supposed to be removed from the landfill. "Or at least wants to get their belongings back. Get him back."

Fernando spotted the box at a southeast Valley landfill Friday morning. He said it was resting on a wall, as if someone knew they shouldn't throw it among the trash.

"I definitely think we were meant to find it," said Fernando, who works as a landscaper. "We were suppose to dump the day before and we just happened to be there bright and early in the morning. And there it was presented before us."

Fernando said he couldn't leave it behind. He had to try and find a relative of the man. 

"It has his cremation number, his name and basically where he came from," said Fernando.

Scrawled across the box: Pedro Sahagun. Born March 10th 1933. Passed away April 24th 2006.

On the back there is a very detailed permit, showing he was creamated at Peter's Funeral Home in California.

Fernando says even if he can't find the man's loved ones, he won't leave him behind.

"He's a stranger to me," said Fernando. "But believe in all humanity. I love all.  We are all one. Regardless of who he is, I will hold on to him."