Kyrsten Sinema announces run for U.S. Senate in bid to unseat Sen. Jeff Flake

Posted at 4:08 PM, Sep 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-28 21:48:10-04

Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema has announced her intentions to run for Senate, in a bid to unseat Sen. Jeff Flake.

In a YouTube video posted Thursday, Sinema said, "It's time to put our country ahead of party, ahead of politics."

Flake's campaign Twitter account responded Thursday afternoon, saying the Democrat is "out of touch with Arizona".

"I owe a large debt to my country," Sinema said. "I got my shot and now it's my duty to help others get theirs. I never believed that being homeless was going to stop me from being who I wanted to be. When I went off to college, I knew I wanted to help others get their shot at the American Dream, because that dream came true for me."

She explained in a press release that she's hoping to be an advocate for everyone.

"Whether it's a veteran who can't get his benefits or needed treatment at the VA, a widow who needs Social Security, a business owner who's struggling with red tape, or parents worried their kids won't have a better life than they have, I get to help people solve their problems. What a privilege." 

Sinema currently represents Arizona's 9th Congressional District.