Kindergarten teachers believe technology can cause challenges for kids

Posted at 9:38 AM, Mar 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-08 11:50:26-05

Kindergarten teachers are noticing a new trend: children lacking basic skills like holding a crayon or pencil at the start of the school year. They believe it may be from the use of technology, where kids are only around phones, tablets and computers. 

Summer Romero teaches Kindergarten at Frances Brandon-Picket Elementary School in Queen Creek. She says she is shocked to see some of the basic skills students don't have before they start the school year. 

"Their fine motor skills are so decreased and their little hand muscles are just not developed," said Romero. "Because instead of writing or using crayons, they are swiping or sliding."

Romero says technology is great for a child, and many are equipped in other academic ways, but don't have the social functions, like making friends or problem-solving.

"They are having trouble learning how to hold a pencil and sit up properly," said Romero. "Their little cores aren't even as strong because they are not outside playing. Some of them are doing more work academically on the technology, but a little less time out playing and exploring."

Romero suggests parents schedule play dates with other children at a very young age. And parents should limit screen time for their kids.