Man arrested after fight with Phoenix police

Posted at 5:57 PM, Dec 02, 2015

A Phoenix man was arrested after trespassing on his mother's property despite an order of protection.

According to court documents, on Saturday November 2, police were called to a home near 21st Avenue and Cactus. They found 29-year-old Joseph James Keller on the back porch of the home and told him he was not allowed to be there.

Keller claimed he was unaware of the order of protection against him.

According to police when they tried to arrest Keller he pulled away and that's when a fight ensued.

Keller tried to strike officers using his knee and elbows. One officer deployed his Taser but Keller quickly pulled out the probes. The officer dropped his Taser while his partner tased Keller. While hunched over, Keller grabbed the first officer's Taser and pointed it at the officers.

They pulled their guns on Keller demanding he drop the Taser, which he did.

The police tried again to take Keller into custody this time using pepper spray. After being hit with the pepper spray the suspect reached a crossbow which was on the porch. One officer managed to get the crossbow away from him, but Keller grabbed a stick and tried to fight off officers.

The officers managed to get Keller to the ground and hold him there until other units arrived to assist them.

Other than cuts, scratches and a possible broken finger, the officers were not otherwise injured.

Keller faces charges of aggravated assault of officers, resisting arrest, taking an officer's weapon and interfering with court orders.