Jodi Arias lawyer Kirk Nurmi faces four-year suspension for writing book about case

Posted at 6:16 PM, Nov 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-18 18:31:59-05

One of the attorneys for Jodi Arias has agreed to a suspension as discipline for writing a book about his time as her legal representation.

Kirk Nurmi, who tried several times to be removed from the case, will be suspended for four years, according to a consent agreement filed November 14.

Members of the State Bar of Arizona filed the complaint against Nurmi on the basis Arias never gave "written or oral permission or authority to any of her attorneys" to publish information about the case.

The state bar's lawyers say Nurmi's book, titled "Trapped with Ms. Arias: Part 1 of 3 From Getting the File to Being Ready for Trial" presented a negative view of his client and her case and relayed confidential discussions he had with Arias and her family.

The agreement is not binding until accepted by a judge, and Arias has a right to object to the agreement, according to a state bar spokesman.

The judge has the option of accepting, rejecting or modifying the consent agreement. 

There is no timeframe for when the decision may be made, but the State Bar of Arizona says such determinations are typically made shortly after consent agreements are filed.

Nurmi isn't the only lawyer connected to the Arias trial to face disciplinary action. A prosecutor, Juan Martinez, was placed on probation in part due to his conduct during the trial.