Jodi Arias lawyer Kirk Nurmi agrees to be disbarred over book about the case

Posted at 5:48 PM, Nov 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-22 11:34:47-05

One of Jodi Arias' lawyers has agreed to lose his license to practice law in the state of Arizona over a book he wrote about his experiences during the case.

Last week, Kirk Nurmi and the State Bar of Arizona announced both sides had agreed he would be suspended for four years after publishing information about the trial without Arias' permission.

The state bar, which issues licenses to practice law in Arizona, said Nurmi's book presented a negative view of his client and her case, along with disclosing confidential discussions he had with Arias and her family.

Nurmi's disbarment is effective immediately, according to court paperwork, and supersedes the previous arrangement of a suspension. 

Only those licensed by the State Bar of Arizona and who comply with the Arizona Supreme Court are allowed to practice law in the state.

The ethics attorneys now representing Arias call Nurmi's book a disgusting betrayal of their profession just to get rich. 

"The duties of confidentiality and attorney client privilege last from the time you're the attorney to following when the case is over, there's even case law that says it follows you to your grave." Said Karen Clark of Adams & Clark, PC. 

Clark says Arias read several excerpts and claims much of it was untrue and is now considering her options regarding further legal action against Nurmi.  

"Lots of lies surrounding witnesses, the evidence, things he talked to her about which he shouldn't be revealing in the first place much less lying about." said Clark. 

Nurmi's book, Trapped with Ms. Arias, is meant to be a trilogy, no word if we can still expect the next volumes.