It happened again: Cat rescued from Phoenix pole

Posted: 3:35 PM, Mar 28, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-29 17:42:20Z
Again!? Cat stuck on Phoenix pole
Again!? Cat stuck on Phoenix pole
Again!? Cat stuck on Phoenix pole
Again!? Cat stuck on Phoenix pole

Another cat has been safely rescued after being found atop a Phoenix pole.

This time, the cat was on top of a pole near 30th Avenue and Van Buren. An ABC15 viewer said the cat had been in the same position for going on three days, and that the owner of the house closest to the pole had called several agencies, including the humane society and law enforcement, but had yet to receive a response.

It was just two days ago when a similar situation, also in Phoenix, ended with a safe resolution. The cat was rescued by a neighbor who climbed a ladder and got the cat down.

An ABC15 photographer captured the moment an APS worker arrived and was able to get the cat down using a bucket truck.

Once down, the cat, named Princess Poppy, was reunited with its family. The pet has been with the family since around Chrismas, said Arthur Luna.

"I called a few times, but it took a while to get the right number to the right person," he said. "Thankfully they were about to come out and get [the cat] down before it got hurt."

"Let's take her inside, so she doesn't get away from us again," he said as his young daughters brought the cat into their house.

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