ICE requests custody of man in deadly Phoenix crash

Posted at 10:50 PM, Oct 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-05 01:50:47-04
Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, plans to take custody of a Guatemalan citizen who is the suspect in a fatal weekend crash.
ICE asked to be notified when German Valdemar Godinez-Godinez is released from state custody, at which time the agency intends to assume custody.
The immigration hold will “enable the agency to take custody to pursue possible administrative immigration enforcement action,” according to a statement from an ICE spokesperson.
Godinez’ presence in the U.S. was not illegal, the spokesperson said, but declined to elaborate.
Godinez faces a manslaughter charge in the death of six-year-old Tyrik Jenkins.  Godinez had not been formally charged as of Tuesday afternoon.
Godinez drank 12 beers, whiskey, and used cocaine before he got in a truck, ran a red light, and slammed into a truck carrying Jenkins Sunday morning, according to court paperwork.  Jenkins admitted Monday that he was the driver and asked for Jenkins’ family’s forgiveness.  Jenkins was in the other truck’s bed with his family on their way to church.
Jenkins’ great grandmother Lottie Childers said in an interview Tuesday that she wants immigration laws enforced, but focused on the consequences of drunk driving.
 "Because if you don't take your life you take somebody else's,” Childers said of the effects of drunk driving.
Childers said Jenkins rode in the truck bed for short distances, but said sometimes a short distance was the only distance required for something to go wrong.
Childers said she forgives Godinez and accepts the apology the suspect publicly asked for Monday night.
The victim’s family has set an online page to raise money for expenses