1 week since confirmed Valley freeway shootings

Posted at 10:18 AM, Sep 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-17 13:18:31-04

Thursday marks one full week since a shooting has been reported on any Valley freeway.

New billboards went up, and reward money has increased to $50,000, yet no suspect has been caught.

Under a dark Phoenix sky, several billboards now shine bright, asking for help to find the freeway shooter.

Drivers told ABC15 they have mixed emotions when it comes to getting back to their normal routines.

“I feel insecure, and I feel scared,” said Kim Bryan, who has avoided the Interstate 10.

The messages on the billboards will not be seen by many people who are still avoiding the freeways.

“Getting to my destinations is taking a lot longer,” said Eric Bassi. “I’ll do it until they catch the guy.”

Others said they choose to still drive their stretch of the I-10 and refuse to take fear along for the ride.

“Business as usual for me,” said Zac Buck.

If you don't see the signs, you might hear the knock, as police are now going door to door with information and a flyer.

They’re making it clear that if you know who's pulling the trigger, you could also find yourself in a whole lot of trouble.

“If there are individuals out there who have information or participated in anyway in enabling these acts, you are potentially subject to charges, too” said Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery.

Another quiet night on the roads has some wondering if and when the shooter could strike again, and why there has been such a long gap.

“I feel like he's going to re-emerge,” said Bryan. “It seems like he's stopped for a while, then who knows when he starts back up.”