Human remains discovered at construction site in downtown Phoenix

Posted at 9:22 PM, Apr 06, 2017

Human remains have been discovered at the development site of a new grocery store in downtown Phoenix.

The remains were found on Wednesday at the construction site for the complex near Washington and 1st streets.

According to archeologist Erick Laurila, a bone was discovered in a dirt pile along with cremated human remains during excavations.

A representative from the Gila River Indian Community went to the site to perform a ceremony before the remains were excavated. Afterward, the remains were removed and taken to a burial room in a lab facility, Laurila said.

A city spokesperson said the remains discovered this week are just one part of a “full archaeological discovery at the development site.”

According to officials, the site was previously a prehistoric pit village that may have predated Hohokam settlements and the city’s original fire station.

Groundbreaking for the new development is slated for April 13.