How to stay safe in the water as pool season nears

Posted at 6:19 AM, May 26, 2017

The hot, long and sunny days of summer are coming so ABC15 is taking action to help you stay safe under the hot Arizona sun.
The number one defense against the sun is sunscreen. But it does wear off so just a one time application isn't going to cut it. 

Don't neglect areas like your eyes. Get a good pair of sunglasses to help block harmful rays.
Your lips need SPF too and many lip balms have it in there. 

One skin expert tells us going out without SPF is a dangerous mistake. Ingrid Maya with Spa 810 says, "That is the worst thing you could probably do for your skin is not going out protected. Even if you wear a hat at least you're protected from the UVA/UVB which is the most harmful. So wearing sunscreen is essential especially in this harsh environment."

Staying hydrated is also essential in beating the heat.