How to remain anonymous when submitting Phoenix serial street shooter tips to Silent Witness

Posted at 10:44 PM, Aug 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-26 08:30:10-04

Police are stressing the only way they can catch the Phoenix serial street shooter, who has killed, is if someone comes forward. They are asking people to call Silent Witness. 

"People wonder in this day in age, if you can truly remain anonymous," said Sergeant Jamie Rothschild with Silent Witness. 

After being in the business for 39 years in the Valley, Silent Witness stands by that promise. When you call in a tip, instead of taking your name and contact information, they give you a code word. That is how they identify you. 

"We don't know where you are, we don't know who are, you trust us with that information to help make your community safer," he said. 

They are always asking for tips that will help take the bad guys off the streets; right now the phones are being flooded with tips about the serial street shooter. And police need those tips to keep coming.

"People typically over think the tip, they think this probably isn't the guy, this probably isn't the car," he said. "If you think it is anything, trust your gut and call in with the information, trust your gut; the investigators working this case will determine if it fits in." 

But you need to be proactive even after calling in a tip if you want to cash in. Remember, you're anonymous. So it is on you to check back in to see where your tip stands and claim the reward money. It's something to remember since about 33 percent of tips go unclaimed.

"We stress to them to hold on to that code, because we can't call you," he said. "It's extremely difficult to retrace that step." 

Once you have called in to see if your tip paid off, you coordinate a location to pick up the cash from a bank near you. You walk into the bank, give your code word and walk out with the cash.