How to prevent pool water illnesses as summer nears

Posted at 6:07 AM, May 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-19 14:53:59-04

Most Phoenix public pools will be opening May 27th but you may think twice before jumping in. 

A new CDC report states illnesses have doubled from pool water. Arizona was one of the worst states in the study. 

According to the report, Arizona had 62 reported illness cases in 2015 compared to more than 350 cases in 2016. 

The illnesses were due to Cryptosporidium also known by Crypto. It's a parasite that is spread when you swallow something that's come into contact with feces. The study also found 1 in 4 adults go swimming with diarrhea. 

CDC officials say they're not sure if more people are getting sick or if there's just better surveillance now. 

Here are some ways to stay safe. Do not go swimming if you or your child is sick. Do your best not to swallow the pool water. Before you jump in, rinse off so you don't bring germs into the pool. And kids should get frequent bathroom breaks and diaper changes in the restroom.
Maricopa County health department officials say crypto poses a unique challenge for pool sanitation.

"It can live in a properly chlorinated pools for up to ten days. And it requires heavy amounts chlorine to treat the water. So many recreational water facilities in Maricopa County-there are lots of opportunities to have Crypto in the water," said Sally Ann Iverson. 

The pool management can only do so much. So officials do need your help keeping the pools clean for a safe pool season.