How to get your business to succeed on Amazon

Posted at 6:36 AM, Aug 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-31 12:23:52-04

It's a busy shop at Pereida-Rice Woodworking in Phoenix, but if you go back a few years there was no business -- just two brothers trying to get by.

"The two of us had a nice new apartment right off the beach and no furniture," said Kalen Pereida-Rice, the co-owner of the woodshop. 

So the brothers made their own furniture and decided to start selling items on social media. After they sold their first bed frame, more orders started to come in. Kalen said the brothers started asking each other if they should start taking more orders. 

"The answer was just always yes." 

It got to the point where the brothers decided to take their products to the masses and put a few items on Amazon. The business only started to grow.

And then there's Jim and Maggie Umlauf, a Phoenix couple who saw a need in the market for high-quality dog seat covers, so they made their own. 

"When I quit my job people were like, you're quitting your job to sell dog seat covers? And I'm like - yeah, sure am," said Jim Umluaf. Their business, 4Knines, has grown beyond expectations. "It's been amazing to see what we've done," said Umlauf. "I mean, it's a seven-figure business for us now."

Amazon says small businesses and entrepreneurs have sold more than two billion items worldwide so far in 2017 and there's more than 40,000 authors, sellers and developers right here in Arizona.

So if you're thinking about taking your product to the masses - be prepared.

"I'd take your best product, something you've refined the process really, really well and you're comfortable doing ten times the business you're doing right now," said Kalen.