Here's why empty nesters are leaving the suburbs and moving to the city

Posted at 7:02 PM, Jul 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-19 22:02:47-04
You’ve heard of “downsizing” but what about "right sizing?"
That's the term being used to described empty nesters and business professions who are moving from large homes in the suburbs to smaller homes in cities, such as downtown Phoenix.
Christy Moore and her husband sold their home in the suburbs and moved into a downtown Phoenix condo several months ago.
“We love the vibe, [to] hear the pulse of the community and wanted to be closer to work,” said Moore.
To "right size" means to downsize, simplify your surroundings while keeping what matters most, close.
“This condo is 890 square feet. Previously we were living in a four bedroom, two bath 1,900-square-foot home with a yard and a pool," said Moore.
To move, Moore said she had to get rid of a lot. It was not an easy tasks.
“It took us about eight months to "right size" our living. We had four yard sales, seven runs to Goodwill and the Junior League of Phoenix came by three times to pick up stuff. So it was sometimes an overwhelming process," she said.
That’s where an estate sale business might be able to help.
ABC15 stopped by Rowlan Hill, owner of Blue Leaf Estate Auctions, at a home in Mesa. It’s wasn’t a huge estate but rather a simple home. 
He tells ABC15 he often works with empty nesters looking to downsize.
“We liquidate personal property here at Blue Leaf Estate Auctions,” said Hill.
Hill said its often hard to part with our material goods. Some people need help detaching, he said.
Meanwhile, others will leave behind too much money in valuables.
“First, my advice would be to identify what you can live with and what you can live without," he said.
The biggest mistake Hill seeks most often is people attempt to sell valuables on their home, which is risky.
“Why not let the buyers come to an auction and compete for what you have rather than negotiate [the seller] down at the front door. We have the buyers. We send out close to 15,000 emails for every auction," he said.
“My favorite thing about this was shifting our philosophy and focus on experiences and relationships as opposed to tangible items. It's definitely the right move,” she said.
For them, life has become more relaxing.