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Hacienda HealthCare: Maggots found under bandage covering patient's incision

Posted at 5:51 PM, Jun 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-15 23:11:41-04

PHOENIX — A statement released Friday afternoon confirms reports that several maggots were found collecting underneath gauze on a patient at Hacienda HealthCare in Phoenix.

The maggots were found recently near a stoma incision on the male patient.

A representative for the facility said the patient was immediately transported to the hospital for treatment.

The incident was “swiftly self-reported to the relevant oversight agencies.”

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Hacienda says all patients went through a physical check, pest control workers swept the units, and fans are being used to keep flies and other insects from coming indoors and laying eggs, which could have led to this situation.

This Department of Health Services report released last week says Hacienda was inspected in April, but investigators found no deficiencies.

“The standard when I was there was we used to do it twice per shift,” said Elanor Riggens, a former Hacienda caretaker. "The standard of care at that time was twice a day. It kind of makes me wonder if that standard is really being adhered to. I noticed a lot of supervisors but I did not notice a lot of supervision.”

The patient affected by this has not been identified, and details on his care leading up to the maggots being found have not been released.

“If the standard of care is twice per day, and those maggots take 24 hours to hatch, it makes me question if the appropriate care is being given," Riggens said. “ I think if you can ask yourself this question would you put your family member there? If the answer is no, then the answer has to be close it.”

No other infestation was spotted during any of the inspections.

Arizona Senator Victoria Steele (D) in Tucson says she doesn't believe that the patients there are safe tonight.

“This is inexcusable, this is dangerous and we have to do something about it now that we know. It is our responsibility at the state level to do something,” Senator Steele said.