Man jailed again for harassing estranged wife

Posted at 1:11 PM, Feb 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-25 15:11:00-05

A Phoenix man living in the Biltmore Estates terrified his estranged wife and plotted to spy on her using a home security system, police said.

Court documents show 78-year-old Friedrich Stoiber was already on probation for violating an order of protection against his wife. She had filed for divorce in June 2014, and police documented the problems soon after.

The document shows that in July of 2014, Stoiber admitted he tapped his estranged wife's phone line and recorded more than 10 hours of her phone conversations. By November, he was served an order of protection, and forced to move out of the couple's guest house. Instead, he moved to another home in the neighborhood.

Later that year, police say Stoiber offered to pay a man $5,000 to break into her home and rig the security cameras so he could watch her without her knowledge.

Instead of rigging the cameras, the man alerted Stoiber's wife, saying Stoiber was "obsessed with wanting to know where she was and what she was doing."

The victim told police, Stoiber also stalked her in 2015; going by her home, peering into her backyard and making repeated calls to her house.

In Oct. 2015, police served a new order of protection against Stoiber. He was jailed for two weeks in December for violating that order, and jailed again in Jan. 2016 to serve out a 30-day sentence for wire tapping. 

While still in the Lower Buckeye Jail, police arrested Stoiber on Feb. 17, on new charges of stalking and aggravated harassment.