Ex-FBI Agent: I-10 shooter may be 'family man'

Posted at 10:34 PM, Sep 15, 2015

We've heard from many of our viewers who want to understand why DPS is staying tight-lipped about the details involved in the Phoenix freeway shootings.

Former FBI agent, Brad Garrett, says authorities don't want to show their cards because they want to catch the suspect when he's comfortable, less stressed, and at a time when he's more likely to do something or say something that could get him caught.

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"You want him to fall into a pattern and continue with whatever routine he's in," explains Garrett.  "Does he go to work? Does he take kids to school? Because it won't surprise me if you have someone who has a family."

Why a family man? Garrett says it fits the profile. Suspects, like highway shooters, who commit the same crimes over and over again tend to lead parallel lives, where they have a family, a wife, and a job, while also engaging in illegal, bizarre behavior.

"The thing about repetitive crime, people do get caught because they can't help themselves," says Garrett.  "They like what they're doing. It's a power thing. It's a release for them."

That means, according to Garrett, it's likely the suspect could strike again, even though it's been five days since any incident has been reported.

Still, he says we shouldn't be frozen by fear and, instead, says we need to live our lives in a very "aware way."

He says that means paying attention, remembering license plate numbers and reporting anything suspicious we see.

The DPS tip line is 602-644-5805 and Silent Witness' tip line is 480-WITNESS.