Can you read into your own financial situation?

Posted at 8:13 AM, Apr 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-21 11:13:53-04

April is Financial Literacy how well can you read your own financial situation?

“You've got to get that plan started and it's got to be realistic," said Jason Fial with Country Financial. He told me it’s like a diet: you can’t control what you eat or spend unless you know how much you’re eating and spending.

“Statistics show people who write things down and have a plan are much more successful in accomplishing it,” Fial said.

And then there’s the sofa…No, not the one you're sitting on. Who knew that the SOFA could help so much when it comes to your money? It’s the Society For Financial Awareness.

“You have to get control. You have to know where you're going.”        

Jerry Guttman founded the Society 10 years ago and told me the world is so fast and so convenient that you actually have to slow down to make good choices with your money.

“I tell people to think twice before they make a purchase. Take your time, look at your budget, shop.”

Shopping doesn’t mean endless spending, though. It means that you should be selective and pick the goods and services that are right for your family and for your budget.

Jason, Jerry and the folks over at Desert Schools Federal Credit Union have a lot of tools to help you renovate and rethink your finances this Spring.

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