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Family loses everything in Phoenix mobile home fire

Posted at 9:29 PM, Apr 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-24 08:19:54-04

PHOENIX — A family is left with nothing after their mobile home burned to the ground Saturday afternoon near 35th and Van Buren streets.

One family shared the terrifying moments they endured before they were able to get out.

They remember waking up to what they call an inferno.

“Looking at it, there’s nothing left. Like nothing,” said Marcos Lugo.

Lugo is one of five people who were in the mobile home at the time and says it all happened so fast.

“I just woke up to hearing like glass breaking and the dogs barking, and I could see the fire was coming from the outside. It was terrifying. The whole house was filled with smoke,” Lugo added.

So, Lugo sprang up and started getting everybody out.

“I ended up throwing mom out the door. Like she flew like literally like a ragdoll.”

Mom is thankfully okay.

Glenn Mckown, a witness, captured the moment the mobile home went up in flames.

“The flames were probably 25 feet or so and the electrical lines were catching fire, dripping the melting plastic,” said Mckown.

Fire officials say power went out for several hours.

“Crews arrived within four minutes. They…they did a great job. [They] were able to get in and get water on the fire in a very quick and efficient manner,” Captain Scott Douglas, with Phoenix Fire Department, told ABC15.

Captain Douglas says the flames also spread to another mobile home. Both a total loss.

One woman, inside the first home, was injured.

While all five, thankfully, made it out alive, their two chihuahuas are nowhere to be seen.

The family, now fearing the worst.

“I feel bad that I couldn’t get them out, and like now I don’t have my home and it’s like really, really hard,” said Lugo in tears.

Lugo is losing the home he saved up to buy one year ago, after being homeless for years.

Nearby businesses were also threatened by the flames.

The family is getting help from the American Red Cross and says they plan on taking things day by day, until they’re able to get back on their feet.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.