Experts: Check your vehicle as temperatures rise

Posted at 4:50 AM, May 04, 2017

With the weather heating up, auto experts say it is imperative that drivers check their cars.

Howard Fleischmann, owner of Community Tire and Auto Repair, says the extreme heat can be very tough on cars.

"They are building a better car today," said Fleischmann. "So we start taking everything for granted. You got to get back to some of the basics. You can do some real quick checking under the hood yourself."  

What to check:

  • Serpentine belt (if it's cracked, replace it)
  • Hoses (if they are flimsy, they’re going bad)
  • Radiator (make sure fluid is full)
  • Battery (go to an auto shop because mechanics have equipment to check the condition of your battery before it fails)

Fleischmann also says drivers need to check their tires for excessive wear, sidewall cracking and tread depth.

To check tread depth, Fleischmann says to use a penny or a quarter. If you can see the top of the President’s head, you need new tires. 

For tire pressure, Fleischmann says drivers should not go off the recommended amount suggested on the actual tire. Instead, check for the correct tire pressure on the door frame or inside the owner’s manual.