Ex-Arpaio lawyer wins settlement to cover costs

Posted at 4:27 AM, Feb 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-05 06:27:42-05

Maricopa County officials have agreed to pay $58,000 to Sheriff Joe Arpaio's former lawyer to cover his costs in hiring an attorney to represent him as a witness in the lawman's racial profiling case.

The settlement approved Wednesday by the Board of Supervisors is lower than the $116,000 that attorney Tim Casey had asked the county to cover.

Casey defended Arpaio in the profiling case for nearly six years before bowing out in November 2014.

He was dragged back into the case as a witness at contempt-of-court hearings launched over Arpaio's defiance of the judge's orders.

Casey hired a lawyer to advise him on issues of attorney-client privilege related to the profiling case.

His firm was paid $1.5 million by the county to defend Arpaio in the profiling case.