Dust storm causes flight delays at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Posted at 10:52 PM, Aug 21, 2016

Sunday evening's dust storm affected travel, not just on the ground, but also in the air.

At least 16 flights were delayed at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport with an average delay time of 49 minutes, according to the website

ABC15 crews captured amazing video of Sky Harbor showing how quickly the blowing dust moves.

WATCH: Time-lapse shows dust storm moving through Phoenix metro area

The dust blanketed the runway at times; still, some flights were able to take off and land despite the National Weather Service reporting visibility was reduced to a quarter-mile or less and winds gusted to 60 miles per hour.

"It was impressive. I've been watching it on the news, and it looks pretty imposing as you see it rolling through the Valley, and then you look outside and it's all hazy and orange with the sunset," said Simon Norton, a passenger traveling through Sky Harbor.

One passenger said her flight to visit family out of the state was delayed.

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"They think it's funny that we're delayed due to a dust storm, but it's weather activity. I'm sure everybody's flights are affected, so [I'm] just being patient," said Valerie James, another passenger.

It’s unclear whether all delays were due to the blowing dust. Airport officials said there were possible ground stops and delays to the weather, but no airport-wide policies were ever put into place.