DPS working nonstop to catch freeway shooter

Posted at 10:30 PM, Sep 10, 2015

The Department of Public Safety is working around the clock making sure drivers are safe, while they investigate multiple shootings along Interstate 10.

"It's the greatest thing in the world, being out here and saving lives," Captain Danny Golden, with DPS, said.

That sense of responsibility carries more meaning now than ever, as troopers work yet another night to try to solve the freeway shooting mystery.

"This is our number one priority right now," Golden said.

He said officials are out in full force looking for anything that sticks out.

"I'm not looking at the stuff that is there I'm looking for what is not suppose to be there," he said. 

He said officials are responding to every call that reports something suspicious, even a call about a bike that is barely visible from the interstate chained up to a fence.

"That right there is a testament to how observant and vigilant people are being right now."

And the worry is real if you talk to Patrick Orozco who was stranded along I-10.

"As it started to get dark, I started to get nervous," Orozco said. "I tried driving to the next exit but it wouldn't let me so I was just stuck, just waiting hoping the cops would show up."

The man was thankful when DPS officers met with him.

"I thank them all they are doing a great job and I hope they find the person doing this," he said. 

And it's a mission troopers are focused on completing and finally closing his scary and dangerous chapter. 

"Having someone out here that is terrorizing people, we take offense to it," Golden said.