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DPS releases interrogation interview with known 'serial speeder'

Posted at 10:53 PM, Dec 21, 2017

For months, the Arizona Department of Public Safety said Noah Ling and his motorcycle played cat-and-mouse with troopers. His runs from police last spring topped speeds of 130 miles per hour.  

On Thursday, DPS released the interrogation of Ling from the day they set a speed trap and caught him in June. 

"I should have just stopped but you guys freaked me out," said Ling during the interrogation. 

The big question troopers wanted to know from Ling was why he ran? He had no real criminal record before running from police. 

"Just brain dead," said Ling, replying when the trooper in charge of the interrogation asked what was going through Ling's mind when he ran. 

Ling admitted that he knew he would be caught because he saw the DPS chopper overhead the day he finally stopped running. He was arrested at his work. 

"All I want is to not got to prison. I know everything I'm saying right now is literally me going to jail," said Ling, finally ending the interrogation by asking for an attorney. 

Ling did spend a little while in jail but ultimately avoided major time by pleading guilty to lesser charges.