DPS releases 911 calls of PHX freeway shootings

Posted at 10:28 PM, Sep 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-23 01:28:22-04

For the first time, we're hearing tips called into the Department of Public Safety hotline and 911 in the Phoenix freeway shootings that had drivers on alert and avoiding Interstate 10 for weeks.

So far, they've received more than a thousand tips leading up to Leslie Merritt Junior's arrest.

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While not all of the information is useful for this investigation, DPS says they'll take anything and everything you can provide.


"He had over 15 magazines, probably even 20 magazines fully loaded all around his body. He had a 9 millimeter on his hip and he had an AR-15 on a bike."


"I did not see anybody. I didn't see anything passing on the road that would just break my side window like that.  I was in the middle lane, and out of nowhere, it was just a loud boom exploded and, I mean, literally, I had glass flying through the truck and all over me."


"I think my window just got shot. I don't feel anything because I just got so scared because I heard a big bang and the window shattered."


"I saw a vehicle pulled over and a gentleman with what looked to me as I drove past him, pulling a rifle out and tightening up something on the front of the barrel and it freaked me out and I know we've had some shooting issues, so I thought I'm not even going to play around, maybe I saw it wrong, I don't know, but I thought I'd give you a call and let you know what I saw."

That's exactly what authorities want from you. Even if you think your tip isn't important, let DPS decide. It may be the clue they need to put behind bars whoever's been terrorizing the Valley.

DPS Shooting Tips Hotline: 602-644-5805.

Silent Witness: 480-WITNESS (you can remain anonymous)