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Donuts and fireworks cause chaos near Phoenix apartments

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Posted at 10:06 PM, Nov 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-26 00:23:45-05

PHOENIX — Car burnouts, fireworks and a parking lot party have led to lost sleep and real danger. For the second time in a week, Phoenix police have been called responded to large streetcar groups causing chaos.

One group, with dozens of people, recently decided to do donuts in the parking lots behind the Lowe’s near Interstate 17 and Thunderbird Road.

“Just screeching. So much screeching,” said Savannah Scholer. “It’s really loud and they are just doing it over and over and over and over, for like hours," said Damazjha Lee, who lives nearby.

When the sun goes down people looking to test their tire treads come to the empty lots right outside Covington Park apartments.

“Always on the weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday,” said one resident named EJ. “Every day you come and there are more donuts,” said Joanna Beebe.

On a recent Sunday night though, the noise was different. “That’s the worst it's ever been,” said EJ. “Between 50 and 60 cars over there. They were all over the place. You would swear to God it was July 4th because of all the fireworks.”

“It’s really loud, I always hear it from my apartment when I'm watching TV,” said Lee.

Multiple neighbors told ABC15 they called Phoenix police, then waited half an hour.

“And only two [officers] showed up, and when they showed up [the drivers] all started peeling out and leaving,” said EJ.

No arrests were made and Phoenix police have been dealing with similar chaos in Laveen where a neighbor took a video of roughly 150 people doing donuts in the middle of the intersection at 67th Avenue and Southern.

“Something needs to be done about it,” said Lee.

Neighbors say they want their peace and quiet back and they hope that parking lot property management puts up gates or cameras. “I think law enforcement needs to be brought in to catch these guys,” said Scholer.

“You're not supposed to go into somebody else's neighborhood and make all that noise. I mean that's not fair, that's not nice,” said EJ.

Phoenix police tell ABC15 they do not believe this crew is the same one from Laveen last week.