Donald Trump to give speech in Phoenix on Aug. 31

Posted at 4:53 PM, Aug 24, 2016

Donald Trump is slated to give a speech in Phoenix on Wednesday, Aug. 31, according to sources close to his campaign.

The Republican presidential nominee will deliver his speech at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Phoenix.

Original reports from sources stated the Republican nominee was set to deliver a speech on immigration reform policy, but sources later backtracked and said his address will not be focused on immigration. 

Trump has recently softened his tone on illegal immigration. Trump and his surrogates have hinted over the last week that Trump will soften message regarding immigration. He announced that he still plans to build his controversial boarder wall and kick undocumented workers out of the country, while still developing a "fair" immigration policy. 

"No, I'm not flip-flopping," Trump told Fox News earlier this week. "We want to come up with a really firm, but fair answer." 

James Garcia, a spokesperson for the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, said, "In terms of his [Trump's] latest position, they're really unclear. We don't know what he means." 

While the AHCC hasn't officially endorsed a presidential candidate, the group has been critical of Trump's immigration stance. 

Even though Trump is retracting some of his most controversial statements now, the move isn't expected to make a difference for American Latinos, Garcia said.

"Especially since Latinos and African-Americans are strongly opposed to his policies in general," Garcia said. "In that context, we would see this as an act of desperation."

Additional details about Trump's visit to Phoenix were not immediately released. 

The Aug. 31 visit marks his fifth return to the Valley: