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Colleagues get emotional when talking about fallen Lt. Chad Brackman

Posted at 4:48 PM, Nov 17, 2021

PHOENIX — It’s been one week since Lieutenant Chad Brackman was struck by a car while directing traffic, off-duty, in Scottsdale. Now, Lt. Brackman's colleagues are speaking out, sharing their fondest memories with him.

At an emotional reunion, they described him as selfless, kind, generous, and overall, a good man.

Deputy Jeff Hanson couldn’t help breaking down, as he is still having a hard time accepting that Lt. Brackman is gone.

“We compartmentalize really well, but not this time…” he said in tears.

Deputy Hanson says Brackman was an architect but preferred being out in the field, helping save lives.

He says that is what the Lieutenant loved to do.

“He had his time in. He could have retired two years ago. And being out here in Lake Patrol, he loved it so much that he just kept going,” added Deputy Hanson.

His colleagues, also remembers what they loved most about Lieutenant Brackman.

“He was very clever. He had a really...really dry sense of humor,” said Captain David Lee.

“He had the best Halloween costumes,” added Deputy Hanson.

When asked what they admired most, this is what some of his colleagues said:

“Extremely hard working. He didn’t even have to work on the day of his death,” said Sergeant Chris Clark.

“That was an off-duty job working for a construction company to make extra money for his family. He was a great partner and a great leader,” added Sergeant Jason Gilchrist.

His colleagues also say he loved his children, and he adored his wife.

“He would always pull his phone out and show you a picture of Melissa and say, isn’t she beautiful?” said Captain Lee.

Now when they walk into his office, they can’t help but think of all the things Lt. Brackman did for them, and the people he served.

“It’s a loss for the whole community. For citizens. For law enforcement,” said Sergeant Gilchrist.

“I don’t know that we’re going to get over those losses. We’re just going to have to learn to deal and try to move on,” added Captain Lee.

“He’s going to be terribly missed,” said Sergeant Gilchrist.

They also said they’re working on getting the approval to rename the Blue Point Station, where Lt. Brackman worked, after him.

His colleagues said this will be a permanent reminder of Lt. Brackman's legacy.