Businesses in central Phoenix neighborhood creating headache for residents

Posted at 10:24 PM, Jan 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-27 20:13:29-05

Used condoms, dirty underwear and trash are just some of the things popping up in a central Phoenix neighborhood.

"When I say trashy, I'm taking about littering and I'm also talking about behavior," resident Tony Sissons said.

Sissons suspects patrons of a local business located just feet from his home are the ones behind the lewd behavior.

"It's quite a bit different from what we were promised by the initial developer," Sissons said.

From the sex in the alley, to the cars clogging the parking on his street, neighbors said they feel they were sold a bill of goods when the new businesses moved in.              

Now, neighbors are speaking out because they're fed up.

"I got throw up on my car; I sat out here and watched him." neighbor Sam Mayo said. "It gets to a point where you just can't keep confronting these people."

Sissons explained that even backyards aren't safe from the rambunctious behavior.

'They've had a trampoline in their backyard and the girls cant use it anymore," Sissons said. "If they are out there bouncing on the trampoline, they are getting cat calls from young men."

The City of Phoenix has instituted a permit parking system, but neighbors said it's rarely enforced and hasn't helped curb the problem.

"Literally some people would have to drive their cars up onto the grass area here, because we didn't have a place to park," neighbor Heidi Anderson said.

The problems, neighbors explained, stems from the 7th Street corridor and the ongoing transformation.

Old buildings are now being re-purposed and used by new businesses.

ABC15 contacted the City of Phoenix's Economic and Community Development office but calls and emails were not immediately returned. ABC15 also reached out to Culinary Dropout and left a message at their corporate office after business hours.

Sissons and his neighbors said for now they will just have to live with the problems.