Burglars bust into Phoenix medical pot dispensary, fill trash bags with marijuana

Posted at 9:13 PM, Jun 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-16 01:23:03-04

Surveillance video captured two burglars busting into Phoenix Medical Marijuana Dispensary and grabbing what they could before taking off.

The security at PARC Dispensary, off 40th Street and University Drive, says they have been broken into twice in the last four months and they suspect these guys were the ones who broke in previously.

The crooks had their moves carefully planned out. They had to get through three levels of security. They cut through the metal fencing and used the owner's big signs to block the view from the street while they worked to get inside.

"We have a rolling door and they were able to pry it loose and snap the metal doors back," said head of security for PARC Dispensary Jereme Hall.

The burglars then kicked in the glass door and crawled through the bottom.

"Anger does set it in," Hall said. "Just because they're like little scrawny, punk kids probably."

Flashlights ready and faces and hands covered, the thieves knew exactly where to go behind the counter.

"That's why we felt that they were patients, or one of them knew because they knew where to hit, grab it, and leave," Hall said.

They filled up small trash cans with marijuana and made a break for it once the alarm set off. They only spent about three minutes inside the store.

"You feel hurt in a way," Hall said. "They came after me and my business and me and my team."

Hall says they didn't have to shut down the store. They kept operating the very next day because they have patients who rely on them.

They've made several security upgrades since the break in and hope the crooks listen to their message.

"Maybe this time we catch them," Hall said. "That's what we hope. So if they're watching, I'll be waiting."

Silent Witness is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. If you have information, contact them at 480-WITNESS.