PHX man arrested for killing girlfriend's cats

Posted at 4:01 PM, May 10, 2016

A Valley man is behind bars accused of killing his girlfriend's cats.

When officers arrived to the couple's apartment near 7th Street and Bell Road, they found blood spatter and a bloody cat carrier crate.

Police say Brendon Gebhardt tried to blame the vacuum for one of the cat's deaths. 

The suspect's girlfriend said he told her the cat had a heart attack because it was so scared of the machine.

Gebhardt said the other cat died after he dropped a crate the kitten was confined in.

The suspect  finally admitted to officers he got angry and killed the cats. 

The man's girlfriend told police there is a history of domestic violence in the couple's relationship.

She said she has given up her third cat since she feels it is no longer safe.

Gebhardt is facing 2 counts of animal cruelty.