Block watch volunteers keep up patrols; Osborn group being considered for HBO Vice documentary

Osborn group being considered for Vice documentary
Posted at 6:15 AM, Jun 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-05 11:47:55-04

The Osborn Block Watch keeps patrolling even though police say the suspected serial street shooter has been caught.

The group says they want to stay vigilant because crime does not take a break. And they may soon get some national attention, as HBO's Vice is considering interviewing them for a documentary about Latino communities and police relations. 

Rosa Pastrana hops in her red pickup truck and starts her patrol at 6 p.m. She is the leader of the Osborn Block Watch and has been in charge for six years.

"It's a beautiful area," said Pastrana. "It's been my home for 22 years."

She cruises between 43rd Avenue and 35th Avenue, looking for anything suspicious. 

"I can do it," said Pastrana. "I watch my area and you can too."

ABC15 caught up with Pastrana and her volunteers while police were searching for the serial street shooter, accused of killing nine people. Now that the suspected shooter, Aaron Saucedo, has been arrested, Pastrana says everyone feels calmer.

"Latinos in Maryvale are so happy," said Pastrana. "I don't know about other areas."

While out for the ride-along, Pastrana spotted a man peering over a homeowner's wall, trying to jump over and get inside. She called police right away and Phoenix Police gave it the all clear but said it's always good to stay alert. 

Pastrana was surprised to get contacted by HBO's Vice, hoping to be part of a documentary. She says they want to focus on the immigrant community and how they work and get along with law enforcement. 

"The crime never stops," said Pastrana. "The crime is only on hold, but it never stops."

Her work is inspiring her son, Steve, who now plans to apply as a Sheriff's Deputy.