Ballet Arizona hosting international students for first time

Posted at 4:55 AM, Sep 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-18 09:58:57-04

Ballet Arizona is known for its excellence. Dancers from around the country come here to the Valley to train with the elite group.

Now for the first time, Ballet Arizona is hosting international students. In a small dance studio in the Ballet Arizona's complex, Ana Leticia Govoy and Enrique Solis feel right at home, even though they’re far from where they grew up.

They left everything they knew and everyone they loved for ballet. "It's something magical for me," said Solis. He was just seven-years-old when he saw his first ballet performance. "Since I was born, I love dancing," said Solis.

Govoy was just three-years-old. "I remember the feeling. I always liked the stage," said Govoy. 

The two are here in the United State training with Ballet Arizona as part of a new international program. Solis is from Mexico. Govoy is from Brazil.

The training is intense starting early in the morning and sometimes dancing until night. They practice six days a week. "Ballet Arizona, the professional company is at a very high level," said Carlos Valcarzel with Ballet Arizona. 

So, it does take a lot of training but the sacrifice doesn't outweigh following your dream. "I feel that's our job, to make people feel some feelings that maybe they lost," said Solis. 

"It's very hard to express yourself without your voice," said Govoy. "So I think this is the most beautiful thing about dance."