Ducey reacts to Leslie Merritt Jr.'s release

Posted at 5:10 PM, Apr 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-20 20:51:28-04

Shortly after Leslie Merritt Jr. was arrested and accused of being the Phoenix freeway shooter, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey sent out a tweet saying, "We got him."

Now, Merritt is out of jail and legal experts say the case against him looks weak. ABC15 asked Ducey about the now infamous tweet.

ABC15: Now he's out of jail, is the case against him weak? 

Ducey: My concern is about public safety if you go back seven months ago, this was all anyone was asking me about. We had three weeks where there were random shootings happening on our freeways. Then the random shootings have stopped. My concern is still about public safety. This case is in the courts and I'm gonna let the judicial branch do their job and I am certain we will get a fair result."

ABC15: "Don't you think you jumped the gun though? That tweet seemed like convicting him right away."

Ducey: We're going to let the process play out. We have a process and we have a system and that's what's working right now." 

Ducey's comments aren't the only news regarding the case against Leslie Merritt Jr.

A Maricopa county judge has just denied a motion by Merritt's attorneys that would have allowed the defense to depose Department of Public Safety Director Frank Milstead.