AZ state worker fired for secret sex with client

Posted at 7:17 PM, Apr 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-08 00:42:29-04

It started with an anonymous whistleblower email claiming a Department of Economic Security worker was moonlighting as a “dominatrix” with one of her state-appointed clients.

That email went to the DES’s director, ABC15, and several other people last Thursday. Less than a week later, the employee is out of a job.

Adrianne Angeli was supposed to help veterans get jobs for DES in Tucson, but one of those professional relationships got way too personal.

DES director Tim Jeffries says he acted swiftly, putting her on administrative leave one day after the whistleblower email. She was fired Wednesday, less than a week after the allegations surfaced.

“Inaction would have been a black eye,” Jeffries said. “Action is keeping of the public trust.”

ABC15 obtained letters and emails between DES managers and Angeli.

Angeli disputes the dominatrix allegation, but she admits to a sexual relationship with a client. She says she knew she made “poor choices” and was "wrong.”

Jeffries said clients “expect us to treat them with great care, respect, dignity, and with unparalleled values.”

Last year, Jeffries fired 72 DES workers, calling some “bullies.” This is another example of how he’s not tolerating employees who don’t meet his mission.

“We serve two million,” said Jeffries. “They need us to be awesome, and I am ardently committed to that.”

ABC15 reached out to Angeli by email, but she declined a TV interview.

DES says she worked for the agency for more than 20 years, and the inappropriate behavior involved just one client.