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Arizona man who says he has COVID-19 details journey in YouTube video

Posted at 9:50 PM, Mar 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-16 14:19:50-04

PHOENIX — An Arizona man who says he tested positive for COVID-19 is sharing his experience about how the virus has affected his body, as well as his relationships with family and medical professionals.

Andrei Marghitas, 27, details his journey in an 18-minute video uploaded to YouTube. He discusses when he believes he contracted the virus to now, living in self-quarantine with symptoms.

He said he found out on Saturday that he tested positive for COVID-19. He believes he contracted the virus while at a gathering. He said he was waiting in line for the bathroom, and shook hands and quickly embraced a friend. That friend, he said, also tested positive for coronavirus.

After experiencing symptoms, Marghitas said he decided to self-quarantine in a guest bedroom to avoid exposing his fiance and 6-week-old son.

"I started coughing at midnight for just seven to 10 minutes straight. I couldn't stop," he said in the YouTube video. "I said, 'This is it, this is what they've been talking about. I'm gonna die.'"

Marghitas said his cough comes and goes at random times and he has been dealing with a fever and headaches.

"My worst symptom is headaches," he said. "Headaches have been like destroying me."

On YouTube, Marghitas details his frustration with health officials and said he was on hold with the CDC for 48 minutes. He said he was also treated poorly by health officials.

"I was mocked. I was laughed at. I was refused," he said in the clip.

Despite the rush by the general public to stock up on paper goods, Marghitas said he has never once turned to toilet paper to deal with coronavirus symptoms.

"I haven't used any toilet paper, just the regular amount. This doesn't have anything to do with my stomach," said Marghitas. "My stomach is a-okay people. Save the toilet paper for the store."

Marghitas' only interaction with his son is via FaceTime.

"I was starting to build this relationship with him. He would see me. He would start responding and laughing. I'm scared that's all gonna go away because I'm locked in a room," he said.

Marghitas will remain in self-quarantine until March 20. He said eating healthy and drinking fluids has helped his body deal with the virus.