House panel mulls change to voter-enacted laws

Posted at 1:24 PM, Feb 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-15 15:24:19-05

A House panel has passed a measure that would allow lawmakers to change or overturn voter-enacted laws protected under the state's voter protection act.

The Republican-controlled committee passed the measure Monday among several other proposals though it decided to delay debate on a measure to repeal the clean elections act.

Rep. J.D. Mesnard of Chandler sponsored the bill that lets lawmakers modify voter-approved ballot measures if lawmakers pass the changes by a higher percentage than voters passed the original proposal.

The Arizona Voter Protection Act shields voter-approved laws by requiring the Legislature to receive a three-fourths majority to modify the law.

Voters would need to approve the changes before it could become law.

The House Elections Committee passed House Concurrent Resolution 2043 on a 4-2 vote.