Arizona group to be on the lookout for voting irregularities at polling location

Posted at 10:48 PM, Nov 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-08 08:19:47-05

A particularly heated election season has some calling safety into question as you cast your ballot.

In a national video call to action the Oath Keepers, which have several Arizona chapters, say they'll subtly photograph, even follow people they suspect of voter fraud at various polling sites.

"If you start seeing people walk around with stacks of ballots, make sure you report that," said Greg McWhirter, who serves on the national board of directors for the Oath Keepers.

The group’s president and founder, Stewart Rhodes, advised during the video that supporters should try to keep a low profile and focus on being observant.

"You're not there to intimidate anybody, you're just there to spot criminal activity," Rhodes said.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office says everyone should be a good witness if they suspect criminal activity, remember as many details about the suspect as you can but don't cross the line.

"They got a bad intuition, chase someone down, that's when something bad can happen," detective Doug Matteson said.

MCSO will have just six uniformed deputies roaming the entire county and responding to polling sites as needed when contacted by elections managers.

They’ll focus on protecting voter integrity within the 75-feet surrounding all polling sites.

Matteson says loitering within safety zone after you cast your vote is prohibited. He adds that while you can wear clothing that supports a candidate it is against the law to protest against another candidate or yell in favor or against any candidate within the 75-foot zone.

"If you're going in to vote and you’re chanting and yelling, it becomes a problem." said Matteson, who added deputies will be out with the intention to first educate before taking law enforcement action.

Any issues or conflicts that arise outside the 75-foot polling zone will fall on city police. 

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