Arizona Diamondbacks and Phoenix Police Department help young girl who had backpack stolen

Posted at 9:24 AM, Aug 24, 2016

Phoenix Police officers went the extra mile for a child victim while investigating a vehicle break-in that happened on August 17.

Officers Gallagher and Cosner responded to the call and found a mom and daughter who had many of their personal items stolen out of their car while they were eating at a local restaurant.

The girl, 10-year-old Aleksia, had her backpack along with several school items stolen.

While taking their report, Officer Cosner noticed that Aleksia was wearing an Arizona Diamondbacks shirt and decided to talk to her about the team to try to distract her from what had happened. He quickly realized that she knew a great deal about the team and even went to a game for her birthday recently.

Because of that, Officer Cosner contacted the Diamondbacks and worked with team employee Paige Malin to get Aleksia a new team backpack.

Aleksia told police she was proud that her favorite team helped her and proud of the officers for going out of their way to help someone in the community.